How Using Photos Can Boost Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement

Boy Taking A Photo With A Camera

If you think about the two hottest questions right now in the social media universe:

  • How did Pinterest become the world’s third largest social network?


  • Why did Facebook purchase mobile photo app Instagram for one billion dollars?

They both point to the same conclusion: people love to share and connect with others through images. Do you know how your Facebook fans react to photos? Here are some proven ways to tap into current social trends, engage your fans, and get a few perks along the way.

Pets and Kids

Actors might not like working with pets and children, but phooey — they don’t work on Facebook.  Those who spend leisure time on social media platforms can’t get enough of the universal innocence of adorable kids and animals.

Algonquin Books posted this photo of a bichon frise and cupcakes of his likeness. I have yet to draw the connection between the image and the book company, but fans could have cared less about that detail. The combination of sweets and a cute canine resulted in an astounding 188 likes and 107 shares.

(And do you remember the headline photo for this blog post? Why do you think I choose that one from all the other choices on iStockphoto?)

Celebration of Lifestyle

If you have seen me give a live presentation on Pinterest, you know that I constantly hold up a sign that says “LIFESTYLE.”  It’s a reminder that businesses that currently excel on Pinterest are either notable “lifestyle” brands (think Real Simple or Martha Stewart) or are brands that place proper emphasis on their fans’ particular lifestyle (like CNET does).

If you’re still skeptical of Pinterest or do not have the resources to both post and pin, then try to bring that Pinterest “lifestyle” vibe to your Facebook page.  Mark Zuckerberg and his crew won’t mind — why do you think they’ve recently increased the photo sizes on Fan Pages and now allow for “pinned posts”?

Consider what Elsevier Chemistry (client) did in sharing the passion that fuels their fans’ work and research. They combined an inspirational quote and an uplifting, instantly recognizable image of a chemist with a related article about chemical sensors. This cheer motivated 77 fans to like the post and 4 to share it with their Facebook friends.

The extra clicks you take to find (or snap) and post a photo — in addition to the happy responses you’ll get from fans — will help you with your EdgeRank algorithm. For those who don’t know EdgeRank, it is the manner through which Facebook rewards certain types of posts by having them appear more often in fans’ news feeds. So while these photos are certainly crowd-pleasures, they also make social media analysts and page admins squeal with delight!

Words of Assurance

Don’t stress about being an Ansel Adams or Cindy Sherman to visually resonate with your Facebook fans. Fans will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to show them your world — even if your best camera is attached to your iPhone.

These tips are not to say that all your messaging on Facebook has to be about smiles and sugar. But you should remember that having fun and tapping into what your fans like is an essential part of being “social” in your social media marketing endeavors.

Photo credit: iStockphoto


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