Why The New Facebook Page Timeline Might Be Good For You

For years, businesses have been relying on customized Facebook landing pages to drive page likes, build email lists, and increase brand enthusiasm.

But that will soon change. On March 31, 2012, if someone types facebook.com/pagename, that person will no longer see the custom page over which businesses large and small sweated big bullet drops.

Instead, a viewer will be led to a page’s timeline topped by an enormous photo. A photo that, according to Facebook’s new page guidelines, cannot provide any call to action — that means no “Like This Page,” no “Sign Up Today,” or “Ask Us For A Quote.”

This perceived “loss” is being mourned by marketers and businesses who are just getting the hang of Facebook marketing basics. But I see this timeline change as an opportunity to grow one’s social marketing toolbox. In this age where visual sites like Pinterest and photo apps like Instagram are grabbing more and more social media attention, brands need to wrap their busy brains around the idea of visual brand representation.

And now that businesses can no longer “hook” in fans with a landing page, they should think about how day-to-day interactions with fans will “reel ’em in.” * Take more time to think about your posts. Will they be of great relevance to your audience or will fans scratch their heads and ask, “What’s in it for me?”

Check out this slide presentation I created that gives more guidance on how to entice new fans and motivate existing fans with the upcoming Facebook timeline for pages.

*For those who know me, please note that this is a cruelty free metaphor.


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