How To Love Your Facebook Fans On Valentine’s Day

"Caramel Latte at Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant"

Best social media practices dictate that you love your Facebook fans everyday — in hopes that fans might love you back.

But on Valentine’s Day (February 14 here in the United States), you should love your fans in a whole different way. Love them without asking for a single thing in return. That means you offer:

  • no discount (for a purchase fans have to make)
  • no announcement of Valentine’s Day specials (so that fans buy something from you)
  • no e-book (for which fans must provide their email address)
  • no giveaway (that requires fans to complete an entry form)

Just give love.

Stuck on this give-for-nothing-in-return notion? Let me pony up a few examples, based on profession, on how you might use a photo, message, video, or your time to give mad love.

  1. Baker, chef, or manager of a cafe or bar: If your business is culinarily inclined, create a heart-shaped treat or plate your specialty in the shape of heart. If you serve more drinks than food, think of a loving use of your cups, colored syrups or liquors. Take a photo of your creation and post it to your Facebook Fan Page accompanied by a sweet message.
  2. Photographer: You’re on Facebook, know how to use a camera, and are considered creative? OK – there’s no excuse for you not to post a gorgeous shot o’ love for your fans. If your heart overflows for your fans, don’t use a watermark.
  3. Publisher, author, or book designer: Your book covers are already artistic. Get crafty with the cover design — or the stack of them you have in your office and share it with your fans.
  4. Real estate agent: Dedicate an hour or two on V-Day just for your Facebook fans to ask questions about buying or selling in your local area. So that fans are comfortable asking you questions, provide them with a Skype or phone number to contact you for these “office hours.” Yes, this idea won’t make it to the Pinterest popular page, but it shows that you really care about your fans and community.
  5. Yoga instructor: I’ve written about how to apply the yoga principle of namaste to your colleagues on Twitter and LinkedIn. Extend this idea of respect to your Facebook fans. Make and post a video of you explaining how you see the inner goodness of your fans.
  6. Hair stylist or manicurist:  “Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you more than Katy Perry loves to change her hair color!” could be a cute post for the right group of clients. Or take a photo of a client -or you- with red hair, a heart up-do, or Valentine-inspired nails.
  7. Massage therapist. A photo of a heart made on someone’s back with tinted massage oil can show love AND give fans a great suggestion for a couple’s activity that evening. Nuff said there, huh?
  8. Blogger: Inspire your readers with a few paragraphs of how much they mean to you. Don’t include any internal or affiliate links in the post.
If you need more inspiration, dance along to this Donna Summer/Musical Youth performance. Then go and love, love, love your fans!

(And let me know how it goes.)

Photo credit: Flickr/sweetonveg


2 responses to this post.

  1. Great ideas…so often we think of what can we get rather than what we can give.


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