Why Your Business Needs A Little Yoga Practice

Take what you learn from yoga and use it in your business, Twitter, and LinkedInWith the start of a new year, the thought of making good on company goals or self-imposed resolutions can seem daunting.

The practice of yoga just might be the trick to get you feeling good about where you are and where you need to go in 2012. This once esoteric activity, now found at nearly every gym in the United States, is well known for its calming properties. Focus, balance, and strength are also core principles of yoga that can easily be transferred to the work on your plate.

I’ve recently written about how to keep your body as fit as your business. Here I explain how yoga can nourish your body and mind so that you’re in peak form to rock your business.

And since I am a social media marketer, I’d be remiss if I didn’t speak about how to incorporate yoga practices while pointing and clicking online. In this article, I explain how the yoga principle of namaste can help your friends and colleagues on Twitter and LinkedIn.

How do you incorporate mind-body principles to your work or social media interaction? How might you do it in the near future?

Photo credit: Flickr/lululemonathletica


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