How To Keep Your Fans Engaged During The Winter Holidays

The winter holiday season can often take up a lot of your market’s attention. Think of how busy you are right now!

But with January around the corner — typically a slow month for most businesses (except for gyms and weight loss companies) — it’s imperative to keep your brand top of mind. Here are some ways that you can spread good cheer to your social media connections all while reminding them of who you are and what makes you special.

Give some insight into what your company does during the holiday season. Your fans will see your human side and those from abroad might be intrigued or delighted by American holiday customs in the workplace. Photos work well here. Burt’s Bees had a Tacky Sweater Contest at their offices and posted a rather “colorful” photo of the winners. Wildfire Interactive posted a picture of their holiday collection of toys for needy children.

Does your market stay put over holiday break? Do they visit family? Set out on wild adventures? Take the pulse of your community — either with a regular question, a fill-in-the-blank question, or a Facebook Question — and find out. Fans will appreciate that you’re interested in their lives. And you can use the information you gather to determine how often you should post during this period.

We here in the United States are big on New Year’s resolutions. How about a resolution to make your Facebook page or Twitter stream more helpful to your fans and followers? A great way to make your messaging more useful is to find out what folks want. Again, ask away here.

The dawn of the New Year is also an opportune time to reflect on what your company has done and what it plans to do the following year. For a year in review, compile a list of your Top 10 products, services, or projects of 2011. If you’d rather have it more page-oriented, list your Top 10 tweets/posts with an emphasis on your brand, if possible. To celebrate the year ahead, give fans a sneak peek into what your company plans to do in 2012.

You can also send a simple message along the lines of, “As this year ends, we want to share our gratitude for your conversation.” A little gratitude goes a long way — hopefully all the way to checkout line.

Photo credit: Flickr/stashabella


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