My Rock ‘n’ Roll Tips for Daring Entrepreneurs

El Vez

The latest  installment of my Social Media Rock series resides on the Website of Dr. Shannon Reece.  Dr. Reece specializes in giving her clients tools and strategies to reach their professional goals — so my article on how to rock one’s career seemed like a natural fit for her blog. I encourage you to read my tips there and to learn about Dr. Reece’s services.

The next Social Media Rock article will appear back here on the Sierra Tierra Blog — it will address the second business lesson I learned in the aftermath of John Lennon’s assassination.

If you’re interested in reading this Social Media Rock series but don’t want to keep checking the site for the latest article, you can have the site email you when a new article is posted. Go to the right of this page, look for “Email Subscription” and click the “Sign me up!” button. If you know how to use an RSS feed (like Google Reader), you can add the Sierra Tierra blog feed to get the latest stories.

Photo: El Vez and a fanzine publisher by sierratierra


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